9 Super Advantages

1No cumbersome cable connections

With your computer, laptop or any WiFi enabled devices, simply purchase our prepaid card, set up your account and as long as you are in the areas where Dekal Wireless has service, you can log on to the internet with ease. If you have a WiFi enabled phone such as a Skype phone or Blackberry you have the added advantage of a more affordable choice for both voice and data connectivity.

2No need for fixed land line

Installing a fixed telephone line in your home means that you pay for the telephone line even if you seldom use it. With DEKAL Wireless, there is no need for this added expense, this means better control on your telecom expenses, simply pay as you use.

3 Much faster than 3G, GPRS, and EDGE and comparable to ADSL speed and 4G

Dekal Wireless offers download speed from 1 Mb to 4 Mb and upload speed from 128 Kb to 512 Kb, allowing you to choose the plan that best suit your needs. Moreover, we can also provide customized service plans to give greater flexibility where higher speed connections are more desirable – ideal for business and heavy users, private networking and also video surveillance.

4Freedom and mobility for people on the go

If you are at home using your DEKAL account and decide to go into town, you still get the same internet connection and speed. As our network expands and depending on the package service you purchased, your account will work anywhere the DEKAL Wireless network is available.

5No contracts necessary

Simply purchase our prepaid card and start using the service immediately. No paperwork, no forms to fill, completely hassle free. You have total freedom to choose either a day pass or pay month by month, no need to worry about being tied down by a contract.

6Unlimited download and upload

Traditional internet service providers usually charge per MB for mobile downloads which can become expensive if you are a frequent internet user. At DEKAL Wireless, we offer one price for unlimited downloads regardless of whether you use it at home or for roaming on our network. No hidden charges, no fine prints.

7More value for money

Our price plans are very affordable and it is our policy to always endeavour to give you a high quality service by offering you more value for less money.

8No additional hardware required

Most computers and laptops nowadays are built with WiFi enabled technology, hence no need for any additional hardware to get connected. Same goes with WiFi enabled phones, PDA, smart phones, Blackberry, game consoles; you are good to go without having to worry about having to purchase additional equipment.

9DEKAL Wireless can access rural areas where landline infrastructure is not available

DEKAL Wireless is already servicing areas where land line infrastructure is not available and will continue to build its network to reach places where there is no or limited service, especially in rural communities. As long as customers have a LOS (Line-Of-Sight) to our radio/antenna towers, we will bring you world class SUPERWIFI solutions one step closer to where you are.