Our Coverage Area

Ever wonder why the rural communities of Jamaica either have no or limited service? Well, Dekal did as well. That’s why we decided to start broadcasting in those areas.

The first SuperWifi signals were broadcast across Port Antonio back in the summer of 2009. Since then, those signals have kept going - further, wider, faster. Stretching across the parish of Portland to the furthest point in Westmoreland. Our signals can currently be picked up across :

Roam freely in your community and even from town to town. Wherever you see our signal in ANY of the above places, your pre-paid card will work - just connect !

Because our customers come FIRST, we are continuously building on our existing network to give you greater access and greater coverage. Our work is never over, more places will come soon. DEKAL Wireless is already servicing areas where broadband data infrastructure is not available and will continue to build its network to reach places where there is no or limited service, especially in rural communities. As long as customers have a LOS (Line-Of-Sight) to our radio/antenna towers, we have a SUPERWIFI solution to deliver you our service.

Need coverage / service? :- Enquire with our Dekal representative or call us at 63-DEKAL. You may also email us.