Platinum Service

Platinum Service is a customized service for those that require a plan and service that is beyond our normal pre-paid card price and service plans. It is ideal for :

  • Higher data speed users – we can offer between 2 Mbs to 10Mbs download speeds, even higher for those that are really data hungry
  • Heavy data users – we can provide a flexible price plan and data service to suit those needs
  • Remote metering and monitoring of electronic devices
  • ATM or billing systems
  • Private networking – create your own private and secure network
  • Camera surveillance systems
  • Anyone outside our normal coverage zone – as long as you can see any one of our antennas and radio towers, we may have a SUPERWIFI solution for you

Our Platinum Service is flexible and the type of service and pricing available will depend on what you have in mind. Don’t feel restricted, give us a call today 63-DEKAL or email us.

Post Paid Option Availability : Please see Post Paid & Platinum - Where to Pay